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Friday, December 13, 2013

A cool promotion from my friends at REDPACK tomatoes!

Canned tomatoes are a critical piece of many of the recipes found right here at the King of Crock blog.  Redpack is an american company that prides itself on high quality, delicious canned tomatoes.  Their products, from their whole peeled to their diced, are full of amazing flavors and available at most of your local food stores.  If you haven't tried Redpack yet, YOU SHOULD!

Right now, Redpack is serving up a terrific promotion where lucky winners can win tote bags or a VISA gift card!  Here's what you do...

Hop on over to their Facebook page and LIKE Redpack - https://www.facebook.com/redpacktomatoes

Follow the link and complete the sweepstakes form.

Go to your local market, pick up some REDPACK and make yourself a big pot of the King's sausage tortellini soup.

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