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Sunday, August 22, 2010

BAMBOO FOR YOU: the royal utensil!


I was asked the other day about what utensils I prefer to use with my slow cooker. For me that answer is easy. All Bamboo, all the time. My slow cooker du jour is a Breville with a cast aluminum insert. The bamboo provides me the opportunity to stir, scoop, and mix without worrying about scratching the insert. They feel great, easy to clean, and very durable. Best of all, if you leave them in the cooker (which I do ALL THE TIME), they do not absorb the heat, leaving it safe to grab and stir.

If you are new to wooden utensils, it is important NOT to get the cheapest ones. The least expensive often times dry out an splinter. Even worse, they are IMPOSSIBLE to clean and will keep the odor of ingredients even after a good wash. It is important to splurge on some nice bamboo utensils you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Two recommended bamboo utensil brands.

Pampered Chef - These were the first bamboo utensils I owned. They come in a nice variety of shaped and sizes. My favorite is a small spoon with a flat bottom (it looks like a little shovel). You can order them on-line or through your local rep. Check out the website.

Bambu - I have recently purchased a complete set of these gems. You can find them at Crate and Barrel, Dean and Deluca, and Whole Foods. This line includes some unique shapes and sizes. Check out the website to see the cool different spoons and spatulas.

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  1. Your royal slowness, thanks for the shout out. There is something wonderful in combining the fastest growing plant in the world with slow cooking.

    jeff delkin


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