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The King's Award Winning ROYAL CHILI


1 Lb. Stew Beef
1 Lb. Ground Sirloin
1 Lb. Sweet Italian Sausage (casings removed)
1 (16oz.) can (drained) Dark Red Kidney Beans
1 (16oz.) can (drained) Pink Kidney Beans
1 medium sweet onion (diced)
1 bell pepper (diced)
1 can (30oz.) crushed tomatoes
1 can (30oz.) tomato sauce
1 bottle Mexican import beer (sol or corona), ½ for chili, ½ for chef
2 cloves of garlic (pressed)
Up to 3 tbsp. chili powder (season to preferred heat)
Salt and pepper to taste
  • Brown all meat, onion, bell pepper, and garlic; drain
  • Place all ingredients in Slow Cooker
  • Cook on low/medium for AT LEAST 4hrs.
  • Chili is done when the stew beef is tender and beans are soft

Serve with shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream, ENJOY!
Suggested side dish: tortilla chips.